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Western medicine is exemplary in a crisis circumstance, but in chronic long-term conditions, it can be woefully lacking.  Holistic nursing approaches the client from all perspectives of their humanness, building on relationship as the most important healing element in life’s continuum.  Working with hospice clients and their family I utilize all my skills, both conventional skilled nursing and complimentary.  Presence and sensitivity to the subtle dynamic shifts of energy are key values in this type of care.  In essence, the holistic nurse in this environment “holds space” or creates an energetic container for the emotional/ psyche transition transpiring in the dying process. Whereas there is functional skilled nursing moments, much of the time spent is quietly cultivating this nourishing energy field in the dying client’s environment, helping to bring awareness and acceptance to the process, and modeling decreased tension and relaxation. I employ all my integrative medicine practices in this arena as appropriate, utilizing Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, therapeutic conversation and presence, with patient and family.

I bring to hospice care 14 years of skilled hospital nursing experience.  I have been, on a perdiem basis, doing private duty hospice since 2010. Typically, I come to the home a minimum of 4 hours a visit. I am available to stay overnight to support primary caretaker respite.


Guided imagery is a program of directed thoughts and autosuggestions that help guide one's imagination toward a relaxed, focused state of mind. It is a spoken series of ideas that utilizes an individual's creative imagination to “picture” scenarios that when done with eyes closed in a quiet environment can help a person relax. By relaxing fully into the exercise it can help lower blood pressure, slow the heart rate, and by visualizing peaceful scenarios it can help the body to relax and ultimately in the absence of stress hormones, help the body to heal. This can be done with a facilitator and later on recreated when alone.

Guided Imagery has been successfully used prior to and post surgery to optimize one’s state of mind and self-healing potential.  It’s a sublime technique, helping to bring awareness to all of one’s senses, bringing self into one’s own humanity in a quietly deep way, using one’s breath and imagination.


Since 2003, I have taught and worked with individuals and groups, in clinical and non-clinical environments using guided imagery to enhance well-being.




Aromatherapy is the sublime utilization of essential oils for specific maladies or wellness issues. Clinical-grade essential oils subtly, yet powerfully impact the limbic system of the brain when used in inhalation.  Each drop of essential oil has approximately one hundred flowers.  The chemical structure of plant parts have been studied and analyzed for hundreds of years and their potent healing properties identified for specific conditions.  Aromatherapy has successfully (and inexpensively) helped to alleviate migraine headaches, digestion problems, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, insomnia, skin problems and is excellent in spirit fortification and stress relief.  Aromatherapy has been successfully used for burns, bug bites and addressing flu symptoms.


I’ve been a certified clinical Aromatherapist since 2007, utilizing it in private and clinical environments. I have made tailored combination products in bath salts, topical oil applications, sniffers and sprays for clients.




As science has proven through physics, everything is a form of energy.  Human beings are a summation of combined chemicals.  All organisms are dependant upon a subtle vital force, which creates a synergistic response via a unique structural organization of molecular components.  Therefore, as a total living organism, we are greater than the sum of our parts.


Energy or vibration medicine attempts to support people by reconnecting them with this pure energy. This theoretical perspective is based upon the understanding that the molecular arrangement of the physical body is actually a complex network of interwoven energy fields.  This energetic network (representing the physical and cellular network) is organized and nourished by “subtle” energetic systems, which coordinate the life force within the body.  It is from these subtle levels of the electrophysiological, cellular and hormonal function that a hierarchy of subtle energetic systems exists. It is at these subtle levels that health and illness originate, influencing cellular patterns of growth, both in negative and positive directions.


There is also a spiritual dimension to human physiology; it is the basis of all life and it animates the physical framework. This unseen connection between the subtle forces of spirit and the physical body relates directly to the inner relationship between matter and energy.


Therapeutic Touch is a method I utilize to identify and “smooth” out traumatized, stressed areas of the energy fields close to the body, helping the body be re-completed (rather than depleted).  Reiki is an ancient healing technique developed in Japan that is similar which I also use to normalize the energy fields of the organs and primary systems of the body. This work is done fully clothed, and is deeply relaxing.



Reflexology is the science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet, hands and earlobes that correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. Reflexology relieves stress and decreases tension, improves nerve and blood supply to glands and organs helping the body return to homeostasis or balance. Reflexology is done while the fully clothed client is in a comfortable semi-reclined position. Reflexes of the feet, hands and/or earlobes are worked on by the practitioner with the thumb and fingers of her hand. 

I’ve been a certified Reflexologist through the International Institute of Reflexology since 2006.  I’ve worked with clients in a private practice and in hospital settings.


What is to give light must endure burning


Stress Management
The body is a miraculous adaptor and self-healer.  Our central nervous system is designed to adrenal surge when necessary and to unwind in relaxation as needed. With this great automator built in, you’d think we would constantly be in balance.  But the fact is, the body sometimes has more to deal with than it can manage.  Stress Management education has become necessary because we as humans more often than not ignore the signs and symptoms of stimulus overload.  That with frequent exposure and engagement to very fast modern day technology, poor diet and environment conditions, decreased awareness of body/mind/spirit function-- the body soon can’t adapt, forcing an illness symptomology manifestation. 

With 85% of disease in this country due to chronic illness, accumulated tension, stress and poor lifestyle choices are a promoter of this staggering statistic. As an integrated medicine practitioner, I look at the whole person when approaching readiness and implementation of strategies to having a healthier and happier life. My personal way moving toward health, isn’t necessarily your own.  We work together collaboratively to find the optimal strategy toward wellness for you.

I’ve been a certified holistic stress management instructor since 2008 (through American Holistic Nursing Association) and have presented stress management programs to individuals and groups since then.  


Life / Health Coach
The essence of being human is the deep attachments we have to our sometime life long habits.  Habits and often rituals that include what we put in our mouths, how, when and how much we move (or don’t move), our attitudes and relationship to food and deep, long relationship to pleasure and pain. Often we are not indoctrinated early on in life of the importance of having a well functioning spirit, communication or feeling life. The habits we can find ourselves attached to, can often be deleterious to our health and wellness and we need some support and validation to make behavior changes that affirm our life.

That’s when a Life-Health Coach comes in.  My work is to make a right, trusted relationship with you; we are a collaborative partnership.  As a coach I focus on you as a whole person providing education and information, tailoring interventions to meet your readiness and aiding in promotion of new patterns of thinking, doing and relating.   I’m interested in understanding and exploring your motivation to change and wish to encourage and empower you with hope and positive affirmation.

Learning to accept responsibility for one’s health, recognizing one’s strengths in the process and being creative in approaching challenges will help goal setting and achieve long-lasting outcomes. A Life Coach helps you prepare a personal wellness action plan that includes lifestyle changes and behavior shifts.  This can be exciting, creative and often FUN! And with a coach-partner, the moments of challenge and triumph are deeply gratifying.  



An ancient, 6,000 year old Chinese health practice, the grandmother to TaiChi, the more familiar martial practice.  “Qi” means energy, life force. “Gong” is practice.  Qigong is the practice of generating and moving energy. This is done through breath, healing sounds, movements and imagery.

I have studied Qigong both in the USA and China and have been practicing for over twenty years, teaching for twelve.  I've had the priviledge to be part of an Artsweekend every summer in the Catskills, teaching Qigong as part of a mind/body component to the weekend. please see:  http://artsweekend.com.



Meditation has been touted in recent years for it’s effectiveness in lowering high blood pressure, reducing anxiety and depression and as a general panacea for an ailing mind, heart and body.  Research has established an evidence base to this, proving meditation’s efficacy and especially increasing one’s sense of well-being.


I have had a daily meditation practice for over 33 years, and have taught young adults to octogenarians, individually and in groups for over 15 years.  It is my point of view that everyone has a different path “in” in regards to finding one’s connection to self and an inner alignment.  I am committed to supporting one’s individual and unique search.


Authentic Movement (AM)

AM, also known as Contemplative Dance and Moving Meditation -- is a spontaneous Qigong practice (in my mind).  It is the act of allowing oneself to listen deeply to the innate intelligence of the full body and following the body/voice’s cues in the moment, while a trusted facilitator witnesses, is holding the container for the mover’s expression. What transpires is an authentic expression, true and spontaneous from moment to moment, often revealing understanding and information not usually accessible. Authentic Movement has been used for prayer/contemplation, catharsis, and artistic inquiry/inspiration. It can be done individually or in groups and is (in my experience) a tremendously healing modality/activity.


I was born doing AM (as we probably all were).  I have formally been doing the practice since 1991 and facilitating groups for over 15 years. I am a frequent contributor to A Moving Journal and a past editor for Authentic Movement Community Blog.  I have used the form in hospitals, with individuals and in groups, specifically and non-specifically, as a venue to source creativity and as a healing forum.




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