Through non action, no action
is left undone

Germaine Fraser is a holistic nurse utilizing clinical Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Guided Imagery, Therapeutic Touch, Presence and intention in mainstream healthcare settings, hospice and private practice. She is committed to bringing the intuitive and creative spirit to all healing forums and to all populations.  A published author and editor (A Moving Journal, Healing Tao Britain, Authentic Movement Community blog), she has written about the healing journey through movement, sound and by using the fuller intelligence of the body. She has been a frequent speaker/presenter in local and national conferences and venues.  Germaine has successfully developed and implemented holistic wellness programs for staff nurses and community groups has taught Qigong for 12 years and facilitated Authentic Movement groups for 20.  She was a recipient in 2010 of The Florence Nightingale Award for Excellence in Nursing.  Ms. Fraser sees herself as a practical yet heartful bridge to the shifting paradigms in the complex and changing healthcare arena and is a passionate proponent to bringing wellness to those dedicating themselves in service to others. 

Registered Nurse  NY, CT and PA

Master of Art in Integrative Health and Healing, 2007
The Graduate Institute, Milford, CT

Integrated Medicine Practitioner
Board Certified, American Association of Integrated Medicine

Holistic Nurse
Board Certified, American Holistic Nursing Association

Therapeutic Touch Practitioner
Qualified 2006

Certified, International Institute of Reflexology, 2006, 2009

Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner
Certified, JB Buckle Associates, 2007

Stress Management Instructor
Certified, American Holistic Nursing Association, 2008

Reiki Practitioner
Level I, 2008


of Philadelphia
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